i want to kiss you and take cute pictures with you and go on stupid dates but I also want tO DESTRYO YOU AT MAR IO KART


(Source: longful)

You are beautiful
Especially in moonlight
When it dances across your skin
Across the mountains
When it scatters through your hair
Through the forest trees
And gently touches your face
Touching the petals of flowers
And reflects in your blue eyes
In the calm seas
I envy the moon
As I lay here I realize
You are beautiful
In the way the world is
I could get lost in you
Exploring your soul
Discovering your undiscovered parts
The rawness of your true self
I try to take all of you in
As I lay beside you
You are beautiful
This warm summer night
We get to cuddle
I try to gently touch your face
And come closer to those blue eyes
Your smile slowly grows
The moonlight kisses your lips before I can
You are beautiful
And I envy the moon

On days like today where I get lost in the bad things that are happening, it’s important to spend the energy to realize the good things. The fact that my best friend (that I haven’t properly hung out with for at least three years) will be coming home tomorrow trumps a thousand bad things swimming in my head. And now I get to look forward to hugging her! And baking shit and catching up on stuffs and making her laugh/smile until she feels like peeing :D best feelings in the worlddddd